1. Promotional Activities in Chat Rooms

On our website, it is prohibited to:

1. Promote any services without prior consent of the Customer Support Team.
2. Promote and/or advertise any goods and/or services.
3. Make financial and/or other deals in chat rooms.

In the event where any violations of the above rules are identified by the administrator or moderators, the account of the user who violated the rules will be blocked permanently.
Our platform does not assume any responsibility or liability for any advertising and/or promotional activity that is carried out in violation of the above rules.

2. Rules of Conduct for Chat Users

In our chat rooms it is strictly prohibited to and any user can be banned for:

1. Using abusive or vulgar terms, profanity or swearing, mild expletives in any form and context.
2. Insulting or offending other users in any way.
3. Making statements that incite ethnic or racial hatred or discrimination, advocate violence in any form, and/or outrage religious feelings of other users.
4. Posting information and messages that are contrary to any applicable law.
5. Posting same-type information, sending duplicate messages, posting similar graphic files, holding unreasoned disputes (flooding), making radical statements, getting personal (flaming), posting irrelevant messages (spamming), discussing political news and events.
6. Using abusive or vulgar terms (both explicitly and implicit) in the user’s nickname.
7. Distributing malicious links, links to third-party online projects, and/or sponsored links.
8. Insulting and/or offending administrators, moderators, and/or chat developers.
9. Discussing the actions taken by moderators. If you believe that you have not been treated fairly, please contact our administrator.
10. Requiring a moderator status or any other admin status.
11. Using uppercase excessively.
12. Posting contact details and links to social media accounts, as well as sharing contact details and such links with other users.
13. Using other language than the language set for this specific chat.
14. Encouraging other users to violate the rules of conduct.

3. Rules for Moderators
1. As a representative of the administration, the moderator must comply strictly with all the rules of conduct in chat rooms and set the pattern for other users.
2. Before applying any penalties, the moderator must notify the user that he/she has violated the rules of conduct in chat rooms. The moderator reserves the right not to inform the user of his/her violation if the user explicitly insulted another user (users), posted a link to another site, contributed to flooding or repeatedly violated the rules of conduct in chat rooms.