Option Ranger’s Demo Account

If you are new to the world of Option Rangers, it can be quite a daunting concept to get your head around.

You need to learn how to read the trading charts and understand what the meaning of each marker or indicator is, and master all the vocabulary associated with Option Rangers trading. Not to mention all the different variables which can impact on the trading patterns, such as global financial and political events.

At MobyTrader, we want to give you the best possible start to your Option Rangers trading career, which is why we are one of the only options brokers to offer a totally free account to practice Option Rangers.


Demo Trading Account

Once you have downloaded your Option Rangers free demo account we would recommend watching our video tutorials. These are a great way to acquaint yourself with Option Rangers trading, and will explain the process in a step by step guide. They cover how to use our platform, as well as trading methods and patterns worth familiarising yourself with.

After you have watched these, you will be a step closer to starting trading.

Our practice account is designed to let you experience Option Rangers trading without taking any financial risks in the process.


It is setup exactly the same as a live account, and all the markets are real markets being updated with real-time information; the same information available to real traders. This is designed to give you the most authentic trading experience possible.

Unlike some of our competitors, MobyTrader does not require a deposit when setting up your demo trading account. We are committed to providing a transparent trading environment for all of our users.

Practice makes perfect, and for Option Rangers trading it really is the only way to learn. We know it takes time to master something, and we would rather you had all the practice you required using our options trading simulator so you feel confident when it comes to trading Option Rangers for real.