What is my performance dependent upon? Effective traders tend to learn from experience and develop a trading strategy. Traders must be patient and trade with conviction.

How can I withdraw my virtual money? The option to trade with virtual money is mainly for traders to develop some experience. Therefore, virtual money can not be withdrawn from the application.

Why can’t I place an order on grids close to the timeline? Grids that are close to the timeline have an extremely low pay-off ( close to 1x). To prevent traders from taking unnecessary risk with no payoff, we do not take orders close to the timeline.

Why does the range change in the trading room, not allowing me to make additional orders? When our systems detect high volatility and a high probability that the price will go out of the current range, our program adapts the range. Previous orders remain in place, however orders are disabled until the range has changed. When the range has been adapted, trading will continue.

The trade room frequently disables trading to reconnect, what can I do to prevent this from happening? Check your internet connect, as we strive to provide you with the most recent market information and ForEx, we recommend high speed internet connection.

Can other traders access information regarding the amount of funds on my account? Other traders can never see any information regarding the absolute amount of real funds on your account. To measure performance against other players we created a relative metric which is displayed on your account.

Does MobyTrader take commission on orders? No, MobyTrader does not take any commission on your trades.

Why are multipliers constantly changing? Multipliers in the grids are constantly changing as the probability of the areas of these grids constantly changes. The difference in multipliers represents a change in market value of these orders.

What expiration time should I choose? A trader’s strategy should determine what expiration time he chooses. Different strategies fit different expiration times.

What exchange rate should I choose to trade? Your trading strategy determines which exchange rate you should choose.

How does the trading room work? Please refer to our tutorial page.

Where can I find a history of my trading? To find a history of your trading: open the menu, tap ‘account’, go to investments and you will see a history of your orders. Moreover, you are able to view current orders outstanding.

Is there a tutorial in the app? Yes, please find the tutorial in the menu under ‘settings’.

I ran out of virtual money, can I get more virtual money? Yes, please find options for buying virtual money in the menu under ‘shop’.

How do I switch to real trading? In the menu, go to ‘account’, tap the button that shows your balance and press ‘real trading’.

I want to become a trader! Where do I download MobyTrader? Download MobyTrader in the App Store or on Google Play through our link here.

What is the maximum payoff I can get on one order? The maximum payoff for a single order is 30x.

What do the numbers in the triangles signify? These numbers indicate the amount of news events at a specific time.

How risky is trading with MobyTrader? As order sizes are limited, risk is limited to the size of an order.

Why are the transaction fees 1 mBTC?

We want to make sure that your transaction happens quickly. A 1 mBTC transaction fee guarantees that your withdraw happens fast. The fee goes the miners on the blockchain who verify the transaction. Lower fees can hold up a withdraw for longer periods of time because miners won’t prioritize the transaction. Usually the transfer fees can fluctuate from 0.4 and 0.6 but can go all the way up to 1 mBTC. We have set the limit at 1 mBTC to cover the miners fees and handling fees. We want you to get your money fast, so that is why we have set the fee to 1 mBTC to cover everything.

How do I purchase Bitcoins (BTC) outside of the app?

To purchase bitcoins users must first set up a wallet for cryptocurrencies. Worldwide, https://www.blockchain.com has a solid reputation of being a trustworthy company with an easy-to-use wallet. This wallet will allow users to check their balance of BTC and other cryptocurrency and store them safely.

When a wallet is created, users now must choose to either purchase BTC through a direct purchase or through a BTC broker. Direct purchases allow users to buy BTC directly from other users.

To purchase BTC through brokers, just google “buy BTC” followed by the country that you are in. Different brokers might require different information to comply to local AML and KYC legislation.

BTC transactions often require a transaction fee called a miners fee. This miners fee, which sometimes is set manually but often is set by the broker, is paid to miners who will do the transaction for you. This fee is an absolute amount and does not increase if the amount you are trying to buy or sell increases. Larger transactions therefore have a lower relative transaction/miners fee.

Transactions are not processed instantly but often are processed by miners within an hour. A higher miners fee will increase the speed of the transaction.

For more information on how to purchase BTC please refer to https://www.blockchain.com.

How do I deposit Bitcoins from my online wallet into my MobyTrader account?

To deposit bitcoins into a MobyTrader account, traders must first confirm they have BTC in their online cryptocurrency wallet. When a trader has confirmed this, he should open the application.

To start depositing BTC, click the “deposit” button in the right upper corner or in the “account” tab in the menu. The app will give traders a link to use to transfer BTC from their cryptocurrency wallet into their MobyTrader account.

Deposit BTC through the online wallet. Please refer to the website of the BTC exchange used for a clear explanation of how to transfer money on these exchanges.

As soon as MobyTrader receives the BTC, they will appear into your account, ready for use!

How do I withdraw BTC from my MobyTrader account into my online wallet?

To withdraw BTC from your MobyTrader account, click the withdraw button in the “account” tab in the menu.

The app will ask traders to accept the terms and conditions. Upon accepting the terms and conditions, the trader must now indicate the amount of BTC he wishes to withdraw. Please confirm that the amount of BTC you wish to withdraw is smaller than the amount of BTC currently in your account. Enter your email address and your BTC address (available in the online wallet).

Please be advised that a transaction fee will be deducted from the amount you wish to withdraw causing a small discrepancy between the amount withdrawn and the amount that will show up in your online wallet.

If all information is filled out correctly, the transfer request will be processed through our systems. Withdrawal amounts under 0.02 BTC (20 mBTC) will be processed automatically. Requests higher than 0.02 BTC will be checked manually and may take up to 72 hrs.

What is the max amount I can deposit into MobyTrader?

The maximum amount you can deposit into MobyTrader is the equivalent of $250 worth of Bitcoin, whatever the market value is at the time of the deposit.

Why is it taking so long for my deposit or withdraw?

The average time for a transaction to clear can be up to an hour. However, depending on the fees set for the transaction, it can take up to 3 days for a transaction to process.  The best way to find out if your transaction has cleared the block chain is to go to https://live.blockcypher.com/.

You can check the status of your deposit and withdraw here.

Why are some markets closed and other ones open? 

We close markets because of the low volatility in the market in certain periods during the day.  Without many changes in the markets, the feed tends to remain a flat line and the chances of earning decreases.

In what countries is MobyTrader available for depositing Bitcoin? 

MobyTrader is open for trading in almost every country. The exceptions are countries within the EU. If you are in one of these countries, you can still use MobyTrader to practice trading with virtual currency, however, you will not be able to make a Bitcoin deposit. 

Why do I only see only X1’s and how they can be avoided?

X1 multipliers happen because of the low volatility in the market and the because of the high change into the multipliers.  Traders should be aware that the multipliers on low expiration times are changing more frequently and there is a higher risk they will get a 1 multiplier than on the higher expiration times.