We think option ranger trading should be fun for everyone.
Everywhere and with all your friends.


Becoming a successful Option Ranger trader does not happen overnight.

The best traders will be the ones who keep learning, taking in as much data and new information as they can, and really studying their chosen markets.

Below we have compiled a number of trading tips designed to help traders with their Option Ranger trading.

Whether a trader is spending Ƀ0.10 or Ƀ1.000, these tips are highly scalable. Some may be familiar with traders, and others may be common sense, but traders cannot learn too much!

Traders should try to create a strategy and should always start analysis of news, also to be found in the MobyTrader application.

There are multiple assets available to trade as Option Ranger, and traders should not try to master all of them. They should rather specialize in one or a few.


Traders must choose their assets wisely, and concentrate on learning as much about them as they possibly can. Generally, the more common the asset is a trader is trading, the more data and analysis there will be about it available online.

Traders often use forums as a way to share tips and information about certain markets and assets. There is plenty of great information out there, but it is up to the trader to make the most of it.

Study the market and stay abreast of the news and current affairs, as this can help traders gain a better understanding of the root causes of markets crashing, not to mention helping traders recognize the warning signs leading up to it.

Historical quotes are also an invaluable resource when Option Ranger trading, as it can help traders identify any emerging trends or patterns in the market.

Option Ranger trading is a long-term activity, not a get rich quick scheme, so have a long-term plan in mind and stick to it; try not to get distracted short term results. New traders can often fall into the trap of getting overexcited following their first win, but it is important not to lose sight of your long-term goals.


Do not over-invest; traders should only trade with means available to them. However much experience a trader may have gained, no single trader makes successful trades every time.

When trading, traders must ensure they are in the right frame of mind. It is important to fully concentrate on the task at hand, and traders should avoid trading when they are feeling stressed or angry as this can have a negative influence on the decisions they make.

Practice makes perfect. Traders should start using MobyTrader’s free demo account with virtual money to familiarize themselves with our Option Ranger trading platform and better comprehend the trading process. This is a great way for traders to practice their skills without risking any real financial losses. When traders feel like they have had enough practice, and have prepared well enough, they should switch to trade with real currencies.

The MobyTrader team hopes these tips are helpful and wishes you the best of luck trading on our trading platform.


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